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The Electric Trike Is Here!

Petrol prices are going up and up at a more alarming rate now than ever before. How are youngsters to afford to get on the road?

QPod Sport can be used for towing too

Sport is a fun offroad vehicle for all year round
a variety of weather gear is available
comforatble even in the midst of winter
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We have been keen enthusiasts for kit cars for more years than we care to mention and we've built a fair few. What always irritated us though was, that other than the early to mid 80's, there have been few cars were built with youngsters in mind. So along with MEV who produce the Rocket we are now able to supply the MEV Pocket Etrike, this was designed specifically to be a fun machine which from the very outset was designed for electric power. It can be built as a 3 wheeled moped legal for 16 year olds to ride on the roads. Or you can build a more powerful version, the choice is yours.

The Etrike is available as a set of working drawings and comprehensive build notes together with suppliers details for all the components to get one on the road from £1500. We can supply the set of drawings or we can help build one for you right to completed trike.

The beauty of this vehicle is that you can build in your modifications as you go and produce a truly unique machine for anyone from 16 years old to 70. It's fun it's green and it's affordable!

We guarantee you will have that EV Grin when you've tried it for the first time. At a recent electric vehicle track event everyone who's ridden it has ordered one. Join the queue and call us now.


MEV Pocket Etrike typical specifications

  • BODY
    3 Wheeler, single seat cabin with bike handlebars and controls in a spaceframe chassis with fibreglass fairings and aluminium floor pan.
    A range of electric motors can be fitted and details as to where you can obtain suitable components are supplied with the kit details.
    Single speed chain drive no need for gears as Electric motors have a massive torque range.
    Hydraulic twin front disc and single rear disc
    72 volt, with a range of different power options
    Track proven stable design with 2 front steered wheels giving excellent stability. Side protection bars, head restraint, 3 point racing harness, roll over protection.
    Length 2100mm, Width 1400mm, Height 1000mm, Wheel base 1500mm

MEV Ltd. are the designers and owners of the Pocket Etrike design

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