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We truly believe the time is right for a completely new class of vehicle to be unleashed. A class which is economic, practical and above all FUN!

Qdos Cars are dedicated to bringing you serious contenders to the more mundane and ordinary vehicles both on and off the roads of the 21st Century.

If we can't find what we are looking for in a vehicle we're not afraid to build our own.

Ginetta G27


With a wealth of experience in engineering and the top marques from Lotus through BMW to turff machinery our team have a real passion for automotive transport on and off the roads.

Qdos Cars are the UK importers of the ACREA Zest. The world's first totally symetrical production car. We are keen to share this wonderful little countryside roadster with you and invite you to come and drive it.


If you are interested in becoming part of the Qdos Cars Network then please feel free to ask about how you can be involved too.

Electric Vehicles are also something we are heavily involved in and we are developing a range of vehicles for road use, the first of which was Launched at the Paris Motor Show this October in the form of the Electric Zest, we have some groundbreaking machines in the pipeline including self build electric trikes.

Laurie Reynolds

Laurie Reynolds

There's a great future for Microcars and Quadricycles and we firmly believe that now is the time to be developing these vehicles.

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Former QPod and QT suppliers for Dorset, Hampshire and The Isle Of Wight

Qdos Cars, Ferndown, Dorset, United Kingdom

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