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After having so much fun doing some off roading with our QPods we decided to organise a number of events. This has lead us on to greater things and thanks to the great fantastic guys at Blitzworld we can now supply an exciting range of off and on road buggies!

On and
Off Road

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We are excited to introduce the Blitzworld range of buggies which include the new 2011 Howie 650 and are currently being shown and demonstrated at various venues around the UK.

We can even let you try out a vehicle on an official off road enduro track and introduce you to organised competition racing.

For further details call us and we will be happy to let you know what we can supply. this is an exciting development of the Qdos Cars range of vehicles and activities. Be sure to come back and see what new products and services we can offer you in the very near future.

We are quite sure you will not be disappointed.



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