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A classy little 2 seater convertable that's both fun to drive and fun to own, This little car is the ideal car for young and old alike. Comfort style class and yet economy. What more could anyone ask for?
City can be used to go shopping
2 seater side by side
fun open top motoring also has full weather gear

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A stylish cabriolet you can use all year round and will not rob you of your hard earned savings. You can take this car anywhere, a superb car for running about town it's even ideal as a second vehicle for towing behind a motorhome for those long hazy summer holidays.

This little car will appeal to most anyone. It's classic styling appeals to youngsers and the more mature and won't rob you of your insurance or driving licence. This car is fun to drive and must be one of, if not the most economic sports cars on the planet!

We simply loved this car at first sight and we are sure you will too.

With a cool and powerful-looking design, it is the flagship vehicle of a producer who has striven for the past 25 years to win over a young public wishing to acquire a first experience of driving without taking any risks. Its 505 cc injection diesel engine boasts a maximum power of 4 kW (20.4 HP) without excessive noise. The ground clearance is high and the platform is in electro-zinc plated steel; the front brakes are fitted with a 212 mm diameter disc and the vehicle also features a hydraulic brake limiter on the rear wheels. The tyres are Michelin and the suspension boasts double effect shock absorbers with helicoidal springs. In short, fine mechanics! The Barooder comes in three versions (B2, S2 and X2), the upmarket model being fitted with a remote-control window opening and closing system, a precious reversing camera helpful in parking, a CD player/car radio and anti-fog headlamps (important in the country).

A real little bomb in its category, the Chatenet Speedino convertible is fitted with a 20 HP injection petrol engine capable of 100 km/h. For this reason, this more powerful model requires the B1 license. The pleasure of driving is optimal and, with its highly aerodynamic mini roadster' external design, this less than 3 m long minicar is an ideal partner for seaside holidays. With a 20 litre petrol tank, it can travel up to 400 km without refuelling. Turning to its safety, the Speedino features highly satisfactory equipment with its composite monohull structure, its double-sided electro-zinc plated steel chassis, its front disc brakes, its belt winders and its Securit windows. The Speedino is currently highly successful in Italy where it is seen as a chic intermediate between a scooter and a conventional car.




Technical Specification
Engine: injection petrol
Cylinder capacity: 523 cc
Maximum power: 15kW (20.4 HP)
Maximum engine speed: 5000 rpm
Gearbox: automatic
Tyres: MICHELIN compact 145 / 60 R13
Maximum speed: 110 km / h
Dimensions (L/W/H in mm): 2950, 1555, 1250.
Wheel base: 2060 mm
Boot volume: 356 l
Retail price: 14,990.00 €

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