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New all electric trike suitable for 16 to 70 year olds, road legal and very affordable.

We can supply plans to build, or assisted builds to completed vehicles.

At last a realistic value for money road legal electric vehicle which is also great fun!

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Electric Vehicles

Electric Scooter and Sports CarFrom Scooters to vans, we've got some exciting developments in the pipeline. Some of you may have been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of one of some of the vehicles we're working on, but if you've not been so lucky well you'll have to keep an eye out and see what's posted on these pages in the near future.

Electric vehicles have been made since before petrol engines were used for cars. The lighter petrol engines could travel further than electric powered vehicles, so electric power was only retained for specialised vehicles such as the ubiquitous milk float.

Modern power electronics and new light weight battery developments have vastly improved the performance and range of electric vehicles so that now they can represent a practical alternative to their highly polluting petrol and diesel counterparts.

Fuel shortagesThe progressive depletion of fossil fuel reserves means that oil prices will continue to rise in the future and is likely to be exacerbated by international security problems in the middle east. Electric cars powered by renewable electricity consume less than a quarter of the energy of fossil fuel powered cars and has a negligible effect on global warming.

Applications range from road vehicles with a range of up to 200miles to electrically assisted push bicycles; from drag strip racers to off road vehicles.

Dragon Electric Vehicles imports Elcat two seater minivans from Finland, originally designed for the Finnish postal service. Basic lead/acid models have a maximum range of 50 miles and a top speed of 55mph. They are well built, well equipped and can climb up hills steeper than most petrol cars.

Elcat CityVan
Elcat Instrumentation
Elcat Interior



The top performance models offered have a top speed of over 70 mph and a range of up to 200 miles.

At the end of the day's driving you just plug it into a standard 13A socket ready for the next day's work.

The Elcat Cityvan makes an ideal urban delivery vehicle or two person runaround.

At slightly greater cost, a four seat Cityvan is available, making a great family runaround.

Elcat CityVan

Why Drive Electric?

Modern electric vehicles are reliable, clean, quiet, cheap to run and maintain, and many of the old problems of lack of performance and range are being overcome by modern technology.

The number of moving parts in an electric car is much less than in a petrol or diesel car, and modern electronics are very reliable. There is no oil to change, no water to top up, no petrol or diesel fuel fumes or spills when you fill up with fuel. There is no exhaust pipe to corrode or leak, and no noise when stationary in traffic.

Routine servicing is restricted to tyres, brakes, lights and windscreen washers.

There is no road tax to pay on electric vehicles and exemption from congestion charges in London, where there are free some recharging points. Recharging costs are typically 1p per mile on off-peak and 2p per mile on peak rate electricity. This compares with 11p per mile for typical petrol and diesel engines.

Dragon Electric Vehicles can convert any petrol engine powered car to run on electricity or rebuild existing electric vehicles.

Converting lead/acid powered vehicles to Lithium ion power can increase the maximum range by a factor of three.


Electric cars do generally cost a little more than the equivalent fossil fuelled car. This is because they are not produced in huge numbers and cannot achieve the same savings of mass production. However, they are delightful to drive, cost much less to run, and are good news for the environment.

Dragon Electric Vehicles sells new citycars and Cityvans for around £15,000, and can provide a choice of second hand cars and vans from around £6,000 upwards. Long range and high performance vehicles will vary in cost depending upon the specification required. Farm and estate pickups are available from £10,000.



More Ecological

Electric cars use less energy and create less pollution than fossil fuel cars even when they are charged from peak rate electricity. Even the pollution at the power station for a peak rate charged electric car is much less than the pollution caused by fossil fuelled cars. Nowadays, mains electricity is supplied by power stations with desulphurisation plant to reduce pollution, highly efficient (65%) gas fired combined cycle power stations with lower CO2 emissions as well as nuclear and renewable contributions. Car manufacturers claim that their most efficient diesel engines are now approaching 50% efficient - about the same as a hydrogen fuel cell, but these efficiencies are only achieved at high speed when fuel consumption is high, so that few cars are capable of more than 25% efficiency overall, much less than the 80-95% efficiency of which electric vehicles are capable.



If you want your car to be really low polluting we can advise on the installation of renewable energy systems to power your electric vehicle. A full wind and P.V. system can power the whole house, but a simple wind generating system will typically provide 30 miles free driving per day and sell surplus electricity to the national grid. They cost in the region of £2000 installed.

Dragon Electric Vehicles and Qdos Cars are developing a new car which we will soon be demonstrating at several national and local events including supporting the BEVOB team in the London to Brighton Run. If you have a vehicle you would like us to look at converting then why not call?

Keep this page bookmarked for further developments.

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