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Qdos Cars are big fans of the Kit Car Industry, we ought to be we've built and owned several kits personally. We were fed up of the high cost of motoring and the way that there simply is nothing on the market for young motoring enthusiasts to really taste true sports cars as it used to be. The nearest a youngster can get these days is a hot hatch with some aftermarket chrome lights.

Our first kit build goes back to 1984

We built our first kit in 1984

Having built our own cars over the years from various kits we know the Kit Car Industry offers some ideal vehicles for our development of electric vehicles. So we've been talking with manufacturer's of kit cars and through a number of discussions particularly relating to the Etrike development and lately the Sonic 7 we're pleased to now be able to act as Southern agents for MEV.

The MEV Etrike is built from plans and is an excellent introduction to Electric Vehicles. It was designed as a fun vehicle based on quad and motor bike running gear which could be made road legal even for 16 year olds to drive as a moped. This makes it an ideal engineering project for schools as part of an A Level course or other school project. We would like to see a number of these built and perhaps set up a series of competitions in conjunction with Greenpower or The Battery Vehicle Society's Electrathon.

Stuart Mills the designer successfully took the BVS time trial award when he took part in the 2008 BVS Electrathon at the Haynes Motor Museum track.


The MEV Sonic 7 is a completely new car which is a rare and exciting step into fresh design rather than the tired old reruns of copycat redesigns and pastiches of old favourites. It's like Punk Rock all over again daring to break out of the rut of pop. If you want something fresh and different with the shock and adrenaline to wake you up, give the Sonic 7 a good blast and clear out that old wax!


MEV Sonic 7 Dare to be different

Create your own Sonic boom




MEV Ltd. are the designers and owners of the Pocket Etrike design

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