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Do you remember the Matra Rancho or the Matra Bagheera? Well Matra are still designing and building pretty radical yet practical road cars that are a bit out of the ordinary.
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Now owned by Pininfarina the latest is the Matra M72. Although you'll probably be more familiar with the Renault Espace range which is designed by Matra

The M72 was presented at the 2000 carshow in Paris.

With the M72, a two-seater open vehicle developed at the beginning of the new century, Matra changed tack, going for streamlining and authenticity. With a 750 cc engine - 20 hp or 50 hp - combined with a continuously variable speed transmission gearbox and a lightweight aluminium chassis, this concept-car gives you that feeling of on-the-road freedom and amazing comfort, with surprising economy of resources. Breaking with the current trend towards an over-abundance of features, Matra decided to put the emphasis on the driving experience rather than overbearing assistance for the driver. Controls and features have thus been stripped down to the bare essentials to offer panoramic driving vision and first-hand perception of the natural elements.

The M72 will be aivailible in two versions,
the 20 bhp ( max. 110 km/u ) and the 50 bhp( max. 130 km/u ).
The price for the M72 will be about the 8.000 euro's.

The M72 features a bolted-together, all-aluminum chassis with thermoplastic body panels, keeping the weight of the mid-engined two-seater down to an incredibly low 380-kg. At 3.16 m in length, the car is a full meter shorter than a hatchback Ford Focus, but still considerably longer than the Be Up’s mere 2.71 meters. While it’s clear that the Matra concept is more of a driver’s car (i.e., the M72 even has a double-wishbone suspension system), the Ligier/Piaggio “urban vehicle” may actually be closer to what this market segment aspires to: high fashion and personalisation.



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