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A new era in motoring is beginning! The Electric Etrike

Petrol prices have skyrocketed and we are getting stung left right and centre on taxes and congestion charges.

Now you can beat these high costs with an affordable fun electric vehicle that is not only value for money but also an entirely new mode of transport.

Qdos Cars are now able to supply the plans or help you build your very own electric commuter vehicle.

The incredible MEV Pocket Etrike is now available and give you a range of typically 30+ miles and up to 50mph speeds. This can also be built as a moped for 16 year olds too!

The ACREA Zest is here!

This brand new car is now available in the UK in right hand drive!

If you didn't get the chance to meet us and try the Zest at the Exeter Show then pick up the phone and call us now for a test drive of this brand new quadricycle.

Qdos Cars are the UK importers for the ACREA range. Come and see what we've been doing and try out the Zest on or off the road.

Q Car Club Logo

We've had so much fun with these cars and The Q Car Club that we decided to share a little of it with you by filming it and making it available online and on DVD. We've done footage of an off road day we had at Rogershill Farm, A night out at Bournemouth Pavilion Mojive and shortly to follow The Sunseeker Rally.

Laurie passes The Imprezza
Filming the QPods
If You would like a copy of the DVD then drop us a line and we can send you out a copy to enjoy in full Surround Sound and on your Widescreen TV in the comfort of your home. But if you would like to get muddy and have some real fun with one of these cars or your own please let us know and we'll organise some more!

This was the first round of the Q Car Club Challenge. We'd heard talk of several events for QPods and QTs but as with a lot of things from Honiton it often seems to be all just talk, and a lot of stuff normally found on the ground in Dairy farms, so we organised our own in the beautiful countryside of Dorset.

Teams and spectators come from all along the South Coast of England, from Plymouth to Woking.

Top Gear Top Gear
James May and Richard Hammond loved it so much they even drove it to lunch.

The QPOD Sport got a thumbs up from Top Gear's James May on Sunday 31st July's Show. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May tested a variety of off-road vehicles including quads, buggies, hovercrafts and the QPOD Sport.

The QPOD came out tops in James' List because of its' comfort and safety features vs. the prospect of "imminent death" on a quad bike. He also stated that the fact that it was the only road legal vehicle amongst all of those tested made it the most versatile.

Then when it came to a break in filming for lunch, what vehicle would James and Richard choose from the fleet of vehicles at their disposal?

A QPOD Sport of course!

Jumping The Qs

In August, Qdos Cars were exhibiting at the Hampshire Festival of Transport at Broadlands near Romsey. It was a great 2 days and we had pole position right next to the entrance. There was lots to see and do and arena events throughout the 2 days. One of the arena events was the No Limitz stunt motorcycle team, a great bunch of kids ranging in age from 7 up to 18 doing all sorts of synchronised stunts through flaming hoops and jumping through fire. Its a great set-up, for the kids and their parents all muck in, everyone has a job. A couple of the kids (or it may have been the parents there wasn't much difference!! (sorry Karen) fell in love with the cars and suggested they could jump QPODS instead of cars.
Team No Limitz




And so that's how 3 hours later Laurie, Clare, Jon Louise and Aiden found themselves in the centre of the arena, nervously awaiting the first jump. Finally, after much chanting from the crowd and a roar of an engine, a bike hurled through the air a couple of feet above our heads, splattering bits of mud and grass down our necks, and another record was set, the maximum number of QPODs jumped by a motorcycle is five.
Matt easily clears 4 QPods and wants more!

We hope to catch up with the NoLimitz team next year at local shows in the meantime if you have a son or daughter who loves motorbikes and adventure you could have a load of fun with No Limitz, we certainly did.

Check out their web site and see the video. These kids are great !

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Q Racing. Cross country QPOD racing over any and every surface with the emphasis upon fun and entertainment is appealing to a broad audience.

Traditional motor sport is dull, boring and predictable. Formula 1 crowds and viewing figures are in decline. Every other form of motor sport is experiencing a down turn in support – no wonder the TV companies don’t regard Motor Sport as attractive or desirable.

However – QPOD off roading is different.

We have facilities for off road racing at a top Enduro Motocross race track in the heart of the Dorset Countryside.

Qdos Cars have already organised and run events which we can supply short DVDs for anyone interested in this new form of off road entertainment.

Comming soon on

Special Offer

Complete race package for sale. call now for details!

Our film crew provide national terrestrial and satellite broadcasters with film and editing facilities and have produced a short entertaining DVD unique to Qdos Cars for members of the Q Car Club.


Q Racing is super fun and if you want to be part of it call us NOW

Tell us if you’d like to be part of a new sport as:

  • Driver
  • Team owner
  • Sponsor
  • Venue operator
  • Supporter

QPod and QT formerly supplied by
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