Qdos Cars

The Teams were set. The cars primed and the Camera Crews were waiting.

Some doubted the hype and waited in anticipation to see what these teams could do with the little buggies. Sure they make you smile, you just can't help it when the proud owners come up to you with a grin from ear to ear and sometimes beyond. The Kids love them, shouting "Kewelle car mate!" Quadies sneer thinking awww they surely don't think that little thing is going to make it round this dirt track!

And then the amazement started. Before you could utter "Hey these cars are neat!" they were off! Dirt flying as they scampered up the hill hurling themselves straight at the chalk face of ramp one which straddles the uphill straight at the start of track 1. The 1.7 mile courses have everything you could imagine that would stop most 4 wheeled cars before they could even get to the starting line. But these guys were certain the QPods would relish the course like wild Mustangs let loose on an open prairie plain.

The Teams were:-

  • A Shot in The Dark
  • Qdos Cars
  • Rogers Hill Farm
  • Commercial-Road.com

This was the first round of the Q Car Club Challenge. We'd heard talk of several events for QPods and QTs but not been lucky enough to attend any till this weekend of October in the beautiful countryside of Dorset.

Teams and spectators came from all along the South Coast of England, from Plymouth to Woking.

The anticipation was infectious and everything fell into place so well that even the gods must have been keen to see this event succeed.

Jonathan lead the pack with his defiant yells of "Gravity's for wimps!" storming his way through the field in the Qdos Cars Team car named Louise. All their QPods being named after the guy's girlfriends who also took part in the days proceedings with one or two cameo roles in the Video sponsored by A Shot In The Dark which was also being filmed over the weekend.

Later on in the evening a superb meal was had at The Fox at Ansty after some of the girls had made their compulsive expedition to the town of Dorchester only 10 miles distant.


The latest proud owners of a QPod Work arrived after their morning's outing with the local hunt which left many a Quad owner asking Helen and Keith where they could get their hands on a QPod too! In just 24 Hours Helen and Keith had clocked up 68 miles on their brand new QPod whizzing about the fields and lanes that surround Milborne St Andrew.


Back at the pits there was just as much activity going on with refueling, running repairs and team briefings along with the camera crews scurrying about and radio coms coming over the walkie talkies.

This was certainly no lazy Saturday picnic!

Qdos Cars were also running a QT which several of the spectators went out in to try out in the country lanes and villages of this part of Dorset more well known for it's chocolate box thatched cottages, often renamed by Thomas Hardy and the nearby village of Tolpuddle famed for it's Martyrs who brought England it's Agricultural revolution and the first Unions.

If you would like to join the Q Car Club then feel free to do so click the Club Badge below to go to the Forum and register to find out what's going on and keep yourself informed.

Our many many thanks go to Danny Hall and Rogers Hill Farm for the use of their fantastic facilities. Look out for news on further events and also for the DVD and Phone Video!

Next Q Car Club Event will be in Chetnole, North Dorset with FoDRoW where we will be doing some more off roading but this time Green Lane clearing to help keep the countryside accessible.


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