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Options and Accessories for your QPod and Qt

An extensive range of accessories is available for your QPod and Qt. Keep coming back to check what new items we can supply as we will be updating our accessories frequently.

Take your QPod on your holidays!


This tow bar can be used on most any car. We frequently take our QPods up to London towed on the back of an average family hatchback. Park up at Kew and drive in to the City. Parking is a dream!

"For campervans, motor homes, and work vans this simple device really makes your QPod such an asset to any holiday."

Fold away weather protection

For those showers we keep getting in England you can take with you this simple weather protection that simply and quickly fits over the roll bar of your QPod to provide you with rain protection, yet still enjoy the open air. Ideal for shoots when you are out for game such as Pheasant or Grouse.

and with the full door weather kit you're set for the wintertime.



Bull Bars

For that extra bit of unique rugged style there's the Bull Bar for your QPod which just adds that professional touch to your off road vehicle.


Load Carrier

For carrying loads across all kinds of terrain the QPod is ideal as a modern day sherpa or mule, probably the world's smallest and most agile Pick Up Truck! The newly developed load carrier is rugged and tough allowing you to carry no end of materials across rough terrain even up mountains to repair fences and dry stone walling.

Luggage Rack

In addition to the copious boot in your QPod you can have a luggage rack to take your picnic hamper or other large items with you. This also fits the Qt


Alloy Wheels


Any colour you want!
Want to really make your Qt, QPod unique and stand out from the crowd?

Have it Customised!
  • Gold
  • Team Colours
  • Sponsor


  • Or simply outrageous!

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