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The Brand New MEV Sonic 7

Qdos Cars are big fans of the Kit Car Industry, we ought to be we've built and owned several kits personally. We were fed up of the high cost of motoring and the way that there simply is nothing on the market for young motoring enthusiasts to really taste true sports cars as it used to be. The nearest a youngster can get these days is a hot hatch with some aftermarket chrome lights.

So we are pleased to introduce to you the brand new MEV Sonic 7 first revealed at the Stafford show. This breath of fresh air is in our opinion a most welcome design that's completely new and will truly set the UK roads alight with desire for an affordable British Sports Car once again.

MEV Sonic 7

Sport is a fun offroad vehicle for all year round
a variety of weather gear is available
comforatble even in the midst of winter
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The "Sonic7" features a fully triangulated space frame chassis that is 3 times stiffer than a standard 7 type car, yet weighs only 67kgs and the car has fully adjustable suspension so you can tune it to suit yourself. It's a 1.8 Focus based kit with modern sharp styling that complements the company's popular Rocket kit by having similar lines but more practicality. It is offered with a hard top or soft top roof option, a choice of wings including the aero type, a roll bar and rear window section and a full laminated windscreen with a GRP frame are also options to enable you to customize your Sonic7. A step by step easy to follow build guide takes you through construction.

Kit prices are only 4299 for a body/rolling chassis that needs just lights, loom, seats and a donor adding. Build time is estimated at 100 hours for someone with limited knowledge and minimal kit building experience. On the road prices will be a very reasonable sub 6,000 if you build one yourself. Weighing in at just under half a ton standard Focus power will give you a staggering 235 BHP per ton, which is more than enough to see off nearly all the production cars you are likely to meet at the lights.

Compared to a Lotus Elise with 156 BHP per ton and a Porsche Boxster with 187 BHP per ton the Sonic7 is a driving experience not to be missed.


The MEV Sonic 7 is a completely new car which is a rare and exciting step into fresh design rather than the tired old reruns of copycat redesigns and pastiches of old favourites. It's like Punk Rock all over again daring to break out of the rut of pop. If you want something fresh and different with the shock and adrenaline to wake you up, give the Sonic 7 a good blast and clear out that old wax!


MEV Sonic 7 Dare to be different

Create your own Sonic boom


Donor 1.8 Ford Focus cars are now available at realistic prices and offer a great set of donor parts which are modern and reliable. Cars can be purchased for as low as £500 and many can be found accident damaged with low mileage and all have extra added value as you can sell on all the parts you don't need and recoup a chunk of the purchase price.

You will use the following parts and then sell the rest;

    • Engine/gear box/mounts
    • ECU and engine bay wiring harness
    • Drive shafts (no modifications required)
    • Hubs/bearings from the front to go on the back of your Sonic7
    • Rear discs/calipers (some have drums but calipers are available separately)
    • Radiator with fan and hoses (single fan non air con type) and header tank
    • Hand brake lever with gaiter and cables
    • Gear change cables
    • Steering column and switch gear
    • Fuel pump and fuel gauge sender
    • Wheels/tyres if good looking
    • Exhaust manifold and catalytic converter (silencer available, fits straight on)
    • Horn
    • Brake fluid reservoir,
    • seat belts,
    • number plate lights,
    • nuts, bolts, screws, etc

    Dare to shock and we'll build you a stealthy Sonic with electric power! Call us for a chat and we'll be happy to talk high voltage


MEV Ltd. are the designers and owners of the Pocket Etrike design

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