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Zest Accessories
A variety of different accessories are available for this ingenious design, for The Roadster, The Pickup and The Cabriolet.

Roofs, doors, alloy wheels and steel wheels, even an attachment to tow your Zest behind a motor home. With more exciting ideas to follow, you can have your Zest to suit your lifestyle.

ACREA Zest Roadster
Zest Roadster
Zest Pickup
Zest Cabriolet

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The Zest, is available in 3 distinct body configurations.


You can interchange most of the accessories to suit your needs and change your Zest to suit your mood. Create your own unique motoring pleasure and be different!

The go anywhere ACREA Zest

Wheels and Tyres
You can choose between Steel and Alloy wheels in White or Silver. Stick to road tyres or take the more adventurous all terrain tyres for off roading.

Alloy wheels
All Terrain Michelin Tyres
White Steel Wheels
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Body Accessories
You add to your Zest these distinctive accessories to give your car those smart touches and make yours that little bit different adding more style and comfort.

Tinted Wind Deflector
Lockable Glovebox
Zest Sils
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There are a range of covers to protect your Zest from the elements outdoors and whilst it is kept garaged.

Pickup Cover
Dust Cover
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More Zest Accessories for your adventures ...

Keep coming back to see what else is available to add to your Zest.There are more accessories and options in development, exciting additions will be added to the range to further add to your enjoyment of the Zest World.


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