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Zest Specification

The beauty of the Zest is it's simplicity in design. It is the world's first totally symetrical production car.

The whole philosophy behind the design being to get back to basics. In our opinion the Zest has to be the world's easiest car to drive. It's also great fun too!

2 cylinder Lombardini fuel injected engine
Disk breaks all round
Easy controls make the Zest simple to drive

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The Zest, in detail...

Type of vehicle
• Two-seat roadster certified and conforming to directive 2002/24 CE
• Drivable with license A1, B1 or B in France
• Pre 2001 UK full motorcycle licnce


• Multipoint petrol injection, 505 cc twin-cylinder engine, mounted centrally behind the passenger compartment
• Power: 15 kW (21 hp) at 5200 rpm
• Automatic forward/reverse variable speed transmission with differential on the rear wheels
• Mechanical rack-and-pinion steering
• Suspension is MacPherson struts on all four corners, without anti-roll bar
• Four-wheel disk brakes
• Catalytic exhaust system

Chassis and Body
• Aluminum chassis
• Engine unit bearer including engine, variable speed transmission, differential, radiator and exhaust, fully suspended for better filtration of vibration and longer mechanical life
• Bodyshell made of color-fast ABS-PMMA
• Absorbent bumpers with dismountable reinforcements.
• Wings available in 4 colours, Lime Green, Lemon Yellow, Ice White and Stylish Silver

• Length 3.21 m
• Width: 1.51 m
• Height: 1.23 m
• Wheel base: 2.30 m
• Ground clearance: 20 cm
• Volume of trunk: 330 liters
• Tyres: 135/80/15
• Tank: 26 liters
• Weight: 380 kg
• Maximum speed: 110 km/h
• Average consumption: 4.7 L / 100 km

Comfort and safety
• Driver’s seat adjustable for length over 240 mm
• 12-volt electrical connector on the dashboard
• Battery switch
• Safety system linked to the engine ignition switch, to prevent starting when in gear
• 3-point safety belts with inertia reel

Vehicle accessories
• Glove box lockable by key
• Alloy wheels
• All terrain tyres
• Tonneau and dust covers
• Zest side sills
• Soft top with full heated windshield and wipers

More accessories to be added to this list soon.

Qdos Cars, Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom


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