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Zest in Competition
The ACREA Zest is an amazing winning machine which can bring you serious track and offroad fun!

The Zest may only be low powered quadricycle but it's lightweight and CVT gearbox also makes it an ideal track and off road car for entry into all forms of motorsports.

Zest Roadster
Zest Pickup Rear bed
Zest Pickup rear bed and tonneau

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Zest in the pit laneA number of Zest owners have begun to enter their Zests into various track and off road competitions. Much of their race opposition teams were at first amused by the Zest and it's quirky styling but soon they found they had a serious contender to deal with.

The Zest is lightweight and agile it has a mid mounted engine with a CVT gearbox on an aluminium chassis which makes it an ideal race platform. Sure enough the results are proving the Zest is a very competant machine which can win against much bigger engined machines even twice the capacity. Perhaps going back to basics is an approach which indeed is a sensible consideration. History has shown time and time again that often the big and powerful can be toppled by the more nimble and lightweight. If you would like to see for yourself why not give it a try?

Plans are being discussed for a full blown race Zest. We are interested to hear from anyone who would like to take up the Zest Racing Challenge. This could prove to be a very affordable and fun series.

Let us know if you would like to know more.......

Wheels and Tyres
You can choose between Steel and Alloy wheels in White or Silver. Stick to road tyres or take the more adventurous all terrain tyres for off roading.

Alloy wheels
All Terrain Michelin Tyres
White Steel Wheels
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More Zest Accessories for your adventures ...

Keep coming back to see what else is available to add to your Zest.There are more accessories and options in development, exciting additions will be added to the range to further add to your enjoyment of the Zest World.


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