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The ACREA Zest

Remember a time when technology was something which was used to take astronauts to the moon and navigation was something which pilots and sailors did.

Open Top Zest
2 seater side by side
fun open top motoring also has full weather gear

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Remember when you used to simply go out for a pleasant Sunday drive. When you could see the countryside and smell the farms while you took a Sunday drive in your car. Do you feel that all the tinted windows, air conditioning, satellite navigation and 8 speaker 100w RDS Stereo systems have taken over from your driving experiences?

Acrea Zest at Geneva Motor Show
Would you like to get back to basics and simply go out and enjoy the freedom of the road, regain your independence from all this high technology which plots, calculates and readjusts your every move?
Engine Bay

Well there is a car which has been specifically designed for you to do just this. A brand new approach to your motoring. We threw away all the modern conventions and took a good look at what people in the real world wanted to allow them to escape from the trappings of this controlled environment which imposes itself more and more upon us.

A car which puts you first, does not intrude on your senses, and lets you think for yourself.

The Zest was created to give you a you smile, and when you smile those around you smile back, reflecting that special something which seems to have become lost in the quagmire of controls and automation of the modern 21st century.

So, come and join us and share in something which you too can take back and revive that Zest for life.


The Zest is available in 3 formats to suit your lifestyle. Come and join us in Zest Adventures.

Smile, be different and see where your Zest takes you today.

Qdos Cars, Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom

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